What Reasons can an Operator Licence Holder be called to Public Inquiry For?

A Public Inquiry may be called for a number of reasons, some of which have already been mentioned. But as a general rule of thumb those shown below are the main reasons for a public inquiry to be called:

  1. 1. Operator Licence Applications, or a variation and there are irregularities within the application
  2. 2. The review of operating centres suitability (for goods vehicle operator licences only)
  3. 3. To determine if there has been a breach of regulations by an operator licence holder examples of which are vehicle maintenance failings, i.e. high MOT failure rate, driver’s hours or tachograph regulation failings, possibly from a roadside inspection.
  4. 4. Parties named on the operator licence been convicted of an offence, as being notifiable under the operator licence regime to the Traffic Commissioner.
  5. 5. Financial standing failures, possibly due to the operator licence holder suffered a business insolvency
  6. 6. Issues which bring the repute or professional competence of a transport manager or operator licence holder into question
  7. 7. A public inquiry may be call by a traffic commissioner in order to clarify information that has been received, which raises concerns in connection with an operator licence holders or Transport Managers actions.