Public Inquiry a Basic Guide

This website has been developed by Oplas Transport Consultancy & the Commercial Transport Manager Association (CTMA) & is dedicated to helping all within the transport industry to understand the role which a Public Inquiry plays within the transport industry, its possible effects on those who to attend & therefore give some informal guidance to those who have been called to Public Inquiry & are looking for a place to start their preparation.

Public Inquiry Background Information

The United Kingdom is split into a number of traffic areas, the total being eight, & are as follows; Scotland, North East, North West, Eastern, West Midlands & Wales, South Eastern and the Western traffic & Northern Ireland. In each traffic area there is an appointed head known as the Traffic Commissioner, plus a number of deputy Traffic Commissioners who have a legal duty to regulate all goods vehicle operators & passenger carrying vehicles (When those vehicles being operated are subject to the Operator Licence regime) within their defined traffic area. It is the Traffic Commissioner in each traffic area who solely has the power to grant an operator licence, along with the power to request attendance of an operator licence holder or Transport Manager at a Public Inquiry, for disciplinary action for alleged misconduct.